Isn't it time to trade in your sleepless nights, embarrassing collection calls, and crushing debt for something better? You CAN restore your credit and live debt free without the burden of overdue bills.

Join the thousands of families in Connecticut each year who experience peace of mind and financial freedom. It begins with a phone call to discover how filing for bankruptcy can release you from debt slavery. Let us show you how to re-establish your credit and make decisions that will restore your financial health.

Bankruptcy can be a new beginning. Attorney Robert B. Young has represented clients in financial distress for over 20 years in both state and federal court. We understand your problems and can help you find the right solution in a personal and confidential setting. Take the first step and call today. The initial consultation is free.

The Law Office of Attorney Young is located in Dayville on Route 12 near Kohl's plaza. We serve clients from Windham, New London and Tolland Counties. (see office location details).



Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Solutions

All of us experience hardship such as job loss, illness or divorce. Many times financial difficulties come as part of these life changing events. Then come the letters, phone calls and law suits; all seeking to collect money that you don't have. Can anything break this vicious cycle?

Since 1990 I have provided solutions that assist clients in eliminating or consolidating debt through bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy options. I practice - and have tried cases - in both state and federal court. My goal is to set you on a path that allows you to resume your life without fear of losing everything you have worked for.

Call today for a free consultation. You will be glad you did.

When Chrysler, General Motors and more recently M.F. Global filed bankruptcy cases, they did so with the assistance of some of the most experienced and competent attorneys available. Why shouldn't you? Each case is different based on the situation confronting the individuals involved. However, at many larger offices, clients meet and exchange information with paralegals and other members of the attorney's office staff. My office is different: from our first meeting you will deal primarily with me. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your attorney is responding to your individual needs.

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